The Rise and Fall of Ali Bongo Ondimba, Gabon’s All-Powerful Ruler

The Rise and Fall of Ali Bongo Ondimba

Ali Bongo Ondimba’s Gabon Longstanding Dynasty Comes to an Abrupt End as Military Seizes Power

In a shocking turn of events, Ali Bongo Ondimba, the president of Gabon, who was renowned for his love of music, forests, and conservation efforts, was overthrown by military personnel.

Up until last week, the Bongo family had dominated Gabon for 56 years before the presidency was suddenly taken away. Locals reacted differently to the abrupt transition in power, while the international world expressed concern for the survival of Gabon’s environmental initiatives.

The Coup and Bewilderment of President Bongo

Following the declaration of Mr. Bongo as the winner of a disputed election, military officers seized power within hours. President Bongo appeared genuinely bewildered when his own guards came to apprehend him, expressing his confusion in a video circulated by his Western advisors. The swift overthrow, typical of recent military takeovers in various African countries, signified the end of the Bongo rule in Gabon.

The Future of Gabon’s Conservation Efforts

Foreign conservationists expressed concerns about the potential disruption of Gabon’s efforts to preserve its forests and wildlife. Gabon recently negotiated a landmark $500 million debt refinancing deal that allocated $163 million for marine protection. Experts warned that a power vacuum could result in increased poaching, illegal logging, and deforestation, jeopardizing the country’s commitment to protecting its natural resources.

Mixed Reactions Among the Citizenry

In the capital city of Libreville, Gabonese citizens had mixed feelings about the change in leadership. While some celebrated their newfound freedom from the Bongo family dynasty, others were apprehensive about military rule and questioned whether the new government would prioritize environmental protection as its predecessor had. Concerns were voiced over potential setbacks in forest preservation and the loss of income opportunities for the Gabonese people derived from their forests.

The Bongo Dynasty and Gabon’s Unique Position

The Bongo family’s reign in Gabon can be likened to an undeclared monarchy, with President Ali Bongo Ondimba inheriting power from his father, Omar Bongo. The Bongos, known for their lavish lifestyle, amassed wealth and exerted influence during the oil boom in the latter part of the 20th century. Despite allegations of corruption, Gabon stood out from other oil-rich nations for its commitment to distributing some of the wealth among its population, reflected in higher education and healthcare standards.

Ali Bongo’s Passion for Conservation

Ali Bongo Ondimba shared his father’s passion for conservation and made significant efforts to protect Gabon’s forests and wildlife. Gabon boasts 13 national parks that cover 10 percent of the country’s landmass, and Gabonese presidents, including Ali Bongo, actively participated in international climate conferences. The former president’s advocacy for forest preservation was driven in part by the potential economic benefits from carbon credits and foreign investments.

Challenges and Cracks in the Bongo System

The Bongo dynasty faced challenges and criticism as the country’s economy slumped due to falling oil prices. Social inequalities grew more pronounced, and the opulent lifestyle of the ruling family juxtaposed with the struggles faced by ordinary Gabonese citizens. Additionally, anti-poaching efforts led to conflicts between farmers and elephants encroaching on their crops. Criticism arose during the 2016 election, with allegations of voter manipulation and a lack of infrastructure development outside the capital.


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