The Mysterious Story Of The Ewe Priest Togbe Tsali Who Is Still Alive

The Mysterious Story Of The Ewe Priest Togbe Tsali Who Is Still Alive

The Ewe Priest Togbe Tsali has a mysterious story.

The Ewe Priest, Togbe Tsali lived during the reign of the wicked king called King Agorkoli at Notsie. As a result of the wicked treatment the people received from their king, he(Togbe Tsali) decided to run away to a new location(Eweland) with some of the people..

The Ewes and Anlos hold deep reverence for him, and he continues to reside among them. Whenever his spirit is invoked, his presence is strongly felt.

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His name is Tsali, the twin brother of Tsala and the son of Togbi Akplormada. Both twins possessed extraordinary mystical powers that left many in awe. Although we briefly learned about him in basic school, this article delves into the enigmatic tale of Togbe Tsali, the priest believed to be alive.

According to historical accounts, Togbe Tsali had the ability to accelerate the growth of plants, causing them to bear fruit within a single day, along with other astounding miracles.

Legend has it that prior to the Ewe people settling in present-day Ghana, they were subjected to the harsh rule of Tɔgbui Agɔkoli in Notsie, a town located in southeast Togo. When the Ewe people could no longer endure his oppressive reign, they sought the assistance of a renowned and powerful hunter named Togbe Tsali. Togbe Tsali led them and aided them through various mystical means.

The Ewe people firmly believe that since Togbe Tsali did not die a natural death but rather disappeared, he must still be alive, and they sense his presence within themselves.

Togbe Tsali was brutally killed and dismembered, but astonishingly, he resurrected after three days, similar to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our savior.

According to oral tradition, Togbe Tsali summoned rain to fall exclusively on his farm, which provoked the Ewe people to capture him, bind him, and cast him into a river. However, they discovered him the following day, riding atop a crocodile.

Furthermore, when speaking with one of the chiefs from that era, he affirmed that Togbe Tsali is still alive, as per their belief.

The belief that Togbe Tsali remains alive persists among the Ewe people to this day.