The first signs of human life in AFRICA

The first signs of human life in AFRICA

Here is what you need to know about the first signs of human life in AFRICA

Human life in AFRICA is one of the most talked about topics across the globe. It is widely known that Africa is the birthplace of humanity, where the earliest evidence of human existence has been discovered.

Human history spans a minimum of 2 million years, with some experts suggesting it could extend as far back as 12 million years.

Approximately 2 million years ago, hominids, human-like creatures, started crafting and utilizing tools in East Africa. These early human groups dispersed in various directions, gradually spreading their tools and cultural practices across the globe.

These creatures lived among other animals that were often much more powerful than they were. They had to find ways of surviving. On the day that the first of these hominids picked up a stone to throw at another animal (either in self-defence or to kill for food) there took place the most important revolution in the whole history of humanity. For a stone, used like this in those early times, became the first tool. These tools gave the weak hominid a chance to survive.

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Changes in the climate of the world (centuries of ice, centuries of rain, centuries of drought) made life difficult. Only those creatures that could cope with these changes could survive. Over thousands of years they learnt how to make fire and to cook.

They started burying their dead. Their societies developed the Saharan region rules of living and of order. We can be sure that they prayed to various gods, sang songs, danced, and used paint on their bodies. Up to this point, the story of humanity is more or less the same all over the word.

Then suddenly, about 12 000 years ago, the story of Africa goes its own way.

Basil Davidson, one of the best writers of the history of Africa, says: “Pastures appeared. Rivers flowed. The land became fertile.” People from North Africa and from West-Central moved into Europe and Asia.



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