Knowafricaofficial is here today to share a sad story about an African woman who lost her legs for a reason she doesn’t know.

This world is full of stories and today’s story will hit you differently. A lot of things hurts us in this world but imagine seeing some part of your body (legs) being buried into the ground and there is nothing you can do about it.


In most cases the only person who can tell you how sad it really feels is the person in that situation or the victim.

Today’s story is about a lady called Maria who lost both her legs to something she doesn’t even know about until today. Maria made it know that what happened to her brings so much pain into her heart, it keeps reflecting in her mind always and sometimes she doesn’t want to believe that she lost her legs.

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The Maria lady we are talking about has a child or she is a mother to a very beautiful daughter, she made it known that her life got ruined when she lost her two precious legs.

According to Afrimax who made this documentary, Maria was born a very beautiful girl who lived happily with her mother, she has been a good helper to the mother as she always keeps the house clean and makes sure she help her mother in cleaning.

Unfortunately Maria dropped out of school because her mother couldn’t pay for her school fees and other needs. Maria then begun to help her mother get money with the hope that she may return back to schooling one day but this never happened.

Maria grown into a beautiful lady and she finally got a man who promised to help her financially and also marry in the near future. The man got her pregnant and abandoned Maria and her child after birth, the marriage promises turned out to be fake and she was left alone to take care of the child.

Afrimax shared how she lost her legs and what happened after. Watch the video below;


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