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Because of their sophisticated minds and ability to experience intense emotions, elephants are among the most competent animals on the planet.

Elephants play an important role in seedling establishment for trees; in fact, some species rely entirely on elephants. Elephants that eat savannah tree sprouts and shrubs help keep the plains open and ready for the plains game that lives in these ecosystems. Elephants eat a wide variety of plants, and their dung contains plant seeds. When this dung is deposited, seeds are sown, which grow into new grasses, bushes, and trees, thereby benefiting the savannah ecosystem.


The people who share the African countryside with them have earned them the respect they hold and consequently they have significant cultural significance.

Elephants draw tourist dollars to help protect endangered species as the symbols of the continent. They also form part of the ecosystem and contribute directly to the ecosystem’s biodiversity.

In the forest, elephants eat, left gaps. These infringements allow new plants to grow and other small animals to develop routes.

In truth, we are in a total fight against ourselves and still did not. The world reacted less than pathetically. We try to sort out the problem that it was, rather than what it is, let alone what it might be.

elephants,,history, africahistory

This is the key to the issue and the solution. 

We are neither independent nor separate from our environment. We belong to it and depend on it to be healthy. The decrease of the elephant is not only the loss of a magnificent creature but also the loss in the elephant’s environment.

Without good wilderness areas, we can’t live. The cities we live in are not isolated bubbles but food and other resources that are not dependent upon the world in our final residential district.

They are becoming out-of-check monsters with ravine appetites and sucking resources and the suction of these resources instead of interacting in harmony with the environment they have to sustain. The loss of the elephant is the beginning of our world’s irreversible loss.

I’ve never heard or read anything like this before. Everything has happened right in front of my eyes. As a result, I will continue to campaign in the hopes of increasing elephant awareness and respect. Let us hope we can be the voice of the peaceful creatures.

Article by: Georgeson Gatwech Phan


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