Meet the Women of the Koma Tribe, who do not wear any clothes.

I’m guessing you’re thinking of Nigerian households who don’t allow their women to wear anything at this time.

Some people in Nigeria may believe that the country is only populated by Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo. other. Nigeria, like other African countries, has a large number of clans, each with its own set of traditional practices.

Women of the Koma Tribe

The Koma tribe is a Nigerian tribe that lives in Adamawa state’s northern region. This is likely to sound unbelievable to you because the women of this tribe have a peculiar custom of not wearing any clothing. However, their belief or rationale for this practice is that every time they put on their clothes or clothes, they are inflicted with a terrible or godly curse, which might result in infertility or death.

Furthermore, despite the fact that the world is modernizing, Koma people do not consider discontinuing the practice, as the majority of them have a strong dislike for clothing.

Without a doubt, the Koma clan’s performance and persistence in upholding their traditions demonstrates their constancy and understanding of their way of life, as they are unconcerned about modern civilization and development.

Many people feel that because most of them have never heard of Christianity or Jesus, they continue to engage in this bizarre habit.

Women of the Koma Tribe


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