Meet the 11-Year-Old Black Girl Mechanic Who Repairs Motorcycles

Meet Susanna Adjakie-Apekor, a wonderful 11-year-old girl from Ghana who loves fixing motorcycles. Even though she is young, she already knows how to fix motorcycles. She can do things like change chains and sprockets and fix crankshafts and brakes.

She became interested in mechanics when she was 3 years old, thanks to her father, Amudu. It was when her busy father, a mechanic, complained about how busy he was that she decided to learn how to fix motorcycles herself. She moved in with her dad to learn how to be a good mechanic, and her mom was okay with it.

Meet the 11-Year-Old Black Girl Mechanic Who Repairs Motorcycles

Now that Susanna is 11, she told BBC News that she is sure she can teach anyone how to fix motorcycles easily. At first, her dad wasn’t sure how quickly she’d pick it up and thought she might have trouble. But Susanna quickly showed him he was wrong by showing off her great skills and drive to get better where she needed to.

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Susanna is in class 3 and has a lot of other things she needs to do, but she still finds time for her hobby of mechanics. She goes straight to the workshop after school to keep improving her skills.

But she wants to do more than just ride motorcycles. When she grows up, she wants to work on bigger cars, boats, and even airplanes. Aside from that, she wants to open her own store one day.