Hunters Join Efforts To Find Kidnapped Nigerian Students

Hunters Join Efforts To Find Kidnapped Nigerian Students

Nine university pupils have been taken hostage by gunmen in Kogi State, which is in the middle of Nigeria. Reports from the area say that the attackers hit the Confluence University of Science and Technology late Thursday night.

They are said to have started firing randomly into the air as they went into classrooms where students were studying for tests that were coming up.

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After that, they got a group of students together and quickly sent them away. The government of Kogi state confirmed that nine students were taken, but there are fears that there may be more.

The state government says that security staff have been called to help with a search and rescue mission.

A statement says that hundreds of local hunters who know the area well are searching the area right now along with regular security staff to make sure the safe return of the students who were taken from their classrooms.

Nigeria has seen a rise in kidnappings recently; hundreds of people, including children, have been taken hostage.

Several families said they had to pay multiple thousand-dollar ransoms before their loved ones could be freed.