Edouard Mendy invests in educational video game for kids

Edouard Mendy

Chelsea’s French-born Senegalese goalkeeper Edouard Mendy poses at the Diderot primary school while giving his financial support to PowerZ, in Drancy on June 11, 2022.

A group of 50 students from Drancy, in the northern Parisian suburbs, were given the opportunity to meet international footballer Edouard Mendy.

The Chelsea goalkeeper and member of the Senegalese national team is involved in a project called PowerZ, which aims to teach the next generation through a free online video game.

“I think we’re in a generation where kids are very connected, but often they’re poorly connected because there are a lot of cartoons, games that don’t necessarily teach them anything, so this video game is a very good mix between entertainment and learning and it enriches our kids and it’s something that we have to harness.”, explains Edouard Mendy, Chelsea and Senegal goalkeeper.

The admired player who helped Senegal lift its first African Cup of Nations this year also financially invested in the development of PowerZ.

The Father of two young boys aged four and six also says he fell in love with its concept because it is free, or rather “free-to-pay“ as those who install it are free to pay what they want or can.

“I am very involved in this project: for me, children are the future, education is the foundation, we can link the two.”, says Mendy.

PowerZ was designed by a team of 50 people including video game and pedagogy specialists. Its founder and CEO is Emmanuel Freund who praises the player’s values. “I met Edouard and I realized several things: first of all we have exactly the same values, this desire to see education accessible to all, to allow everyone to educate themselves, rise in society, all of this was very important for him. And then the second thing which we see here at this event but that I saw already from the start, when we talk to the children, the fact that he is a model.”.

Its designers have raised “10 million euros for the development of the game internationally”. A motivation shared by the Senegalese goalkeeper who says he wishes to see PowerZ on a “world-scale”.