African Lady Goes Viral After Revealing The Reason Why She Cut Off Her Breasts (DETAILS)

One of the last thing ladies will get rid of on their body is their breast. Breasts was given to ladies for a purpose but in this article an African Lady has gotten rid of hers and stated her reason.

There is no doubt that one of the things men like about women is their breasts and most men sees it as one of the impressive and fascinating organs. Many women consider their breast as their God giving pride and asset.


One of the main uses of breast in Africa is to feed babies, attracting the opposite gender, and for cosmetic purposes.

This lady we are talking about is a Nigerian, she took over the internet after exposing her bare chest to identify herself as a non-binary person. According to one of the most visited and reliable website, Linda Ikeji’s blog, the lady took to her TikTok account to announce her latest surgery saying that she underwent the surgery because she no longer needs the breasts.

There has been so many reactions from people all over African and most of them express how shocked they are.

This world is not balance, as many ladies are finding ways and means to increase their breast, some one is rather paying money to get rid of hers. See the picture below;